Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Obama Can Get His Groove Back (and us too)

McCain has the momentum. Some polls even have him winning.

How can Obama reverse this? I have the answer. And it will work.

Obama must drop Biden from the ticket. It was a questionable
decision in the first place. Biden can say, "Oh I had a prior
commitment for the next 4 years I forgot about." He doesn't even have the fistbump down yet. Sad.

Palin has energized the Republicans like only a pistol packing sexy librarian with prolife values can do. People have not even noticed that Obama is running against McCain. The debate is between Palin and Barack.

So Biden drops out and Obama goes with Dennis Kucinich.

Yes you heard me correctly. Yes he is funny looking. Yes he talked about seeing a UFO in one of the debates and everyone laughed. But why will he be a homerun? Because that is not his daughter in that picture, its his wife of three years. I'm not laughing now either.

Elizabeth Kucinich is 30 (Hes 61). She's also British so you know, foreign policy will be taken care of.

Now Kucinich will have to bring her out for everything. During the debates, she can be front row cheering on her man. If he gets into a little trouble on an issue, she can run out, wipe his brow and nobody will remember he had been stumbling.

No matter what the issue, Kucinich can bring up stories about his wife. "Well as my wife and I were discussing Nuclear Energy last night..."

Obama and Biden? Just not as attractive..no matter how clean.

Its hope and change we can ALL believe in.

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