Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Believe In Father Christmas (Part II)

I am glad Megan noticed a lyric change that I also did and was contemplating mentioning. I thought I might be accused of reading too much into it, but I have noticed when Bono does such things, it usually seems to have intent behind it.

But I Believe In The Israelite being a stronger statement for me than the original Until I Believed In The Israelite.

Maybe the most powerful lyric for me is the final The Christmas We Get We Deserve.

As Lake might be saying..."this could be more powerful a holiday if we didnt screw it up."

But it also makes me think that of course we don't deserve ANY Christmas..much less Easter.

The fact we have received this gift and made it something Christ would not have wanted it to least in part.

In a fairly recent interview, Lake said "There is a sort of sadness to Christmas too. It is all those mixed emotions that go up to make, you know, the very sort of special time really."

Here is Greg Lake's version. The end of the video possibly being the most interesting part.

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