Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Films Of the Decade (4-2)

#4 In The Bedroom

"… a genuine modern tragedy. It's also the best movie of the last several years: the most evocative, the most mysterious, the most inconsolably devastating… I could barely breathe; I swore at the screen; I called for blood; I cried for vigilantism to restore the natural order; and I sat in shock when the natural order was and wasn't restored. That's the thing about a masterpiece like In the Bedroom. It isn't over when you leave the theater. It isn't over when you brood on it for days. It's just always going to be there, in the air." - David Edelstein
Slate Magazine

Matt sits inside, Jason on his lap. He reaches into a WOODEN BOX of RUBBER BANDS with a BANDING WRENCH and bands the crustacean’s remaining CRUNCHER CLAW.
Jason stares at the disfigured creature.

Oh Boy…now you see what happened to this poor fellow?


Well, the trap has nylon nets called heads—2 side heads at both sides, so the lobster can crawl in. The “Bedroom” head inside, holds the bait and keeps it from escaping—you know the old saying “two’s company three’s a crowd”?

Jason nods.

#3 Kill Bill Volume 2

Watching a Tarantino film is watching the work of movies' biggest fan. His films aren't about any one thing as much as they are simply about your experience watching them.

My first knowledge of Quentin Taratino was that he created a specific scene that was considered so brutal, it was talked about endlessly. (The torture scene in Reservoir Dogs). But for as violent as Tarantino's reputation is (and he is) what of that torture did he actually show? None of it.

Tarantino knows the build up is where the greatest tension is.

"I'm gonna deliver you a genre...but I'm gonna deliver it to you in a cockeyed way."-Quentin Tarantino

Both films taken together, you have a 4 hour revenge epic that ends with 30 minutes of dialogue.

"There is a love story going on. It's a crazy, wacked love story. But a love story never the less." -Quentin Tarantino

#2 The Passion Of The Christ

A more violent film than the last one. But probably the most effective and essential use of violence in any film, ever.

"For me it's the most effective part. The sacrifice. The sacrificial part of the story." -Mel Gibson

...Just as there were many who were
appalled at him
his appearance was so disfigured
beyond that of any man
and his form marred beyond human likeness Isaiah 52:14

"This is not a Passion like any other ever filmed. Perhaps that is the best reason for it...

It is a personal message movie of the most radical kind, attempting to re-create events of personal urgency to Gibson. The filmmaker has put his artistry and fortune at the service of his conviction and belief, and that doesn't happen often...

I myself am no longer religious in the sense that a long-ago altar boy thought he should be, but I can respond to the power of belief whether I agree or not, and when I find it in a film, I must respect it." -Roger Ebert
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