Tuesday, December 29, 2009

(N) is for Nutcase

I saw this video of Ricky Gervais singing a lullaby to Elmo. I thought it was funny. I think kids would laugh. Then I see some website called parentdish did not find it funny at all. This is much of what they said.

Elmo is jolted out of bed, twice, scared and frazzled. At the conclusion of the nightmare-inducing song, Gervais offers Elmo a cup of soothing warm milk but the damage is already done, with the poor puppet's hair standing on end.

According to the people counters at the Public Broadcasting System, viewers didn't share our reaction. "As of today, Viewer Services didn't receive any comments of note from parents regarding that episode," PBS spokesperson Jake Landis tells ParentDish.

How that can be is beyond us. Kids need images of trustworthy grown-ups, especially as they're relaxing at bedtime...

You missed the boat on this one, Seseme Street. -Parentdish.com


Is this just an isolated nut or an example of something bigger?

Aren't we protecting our children to the point of hurting them down the road?

Are children all over the world lying awake in fear of Ricky Gervais?

Isn't an effeminate monster more unsettling?

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