Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye Solo

Maybe friendship is at its highest point when you can not rely on receiving anything in return.

Goodbye Solo writer and director Ramin Bahrani, is from Winston Salem, NC. He uses the knowledge of his hometown to great effect. The film is shot entirely on location. It is its own character.

Red West plays William. William is a man of about 70 who makes a deal with a cab driver to take him to Blowing Rock, NC. He makes no plans for a return trip.

Red West was once a bodyguard for and close personal friend of Elvis. They were friends since high school. He even wrote several songs for Elvis as well as Pat Boone, Ricky Nelson and Johny Rivers.

He split with Elvis after breaking the foot of the man who was bringing Elvis drugs. He then told him he would work his way up to his face.

Souleymane Sy Savane plays Solo, the taxi driver. He is from the Ivory Coast, although the character is from Senegal. In the film, Solo is studying to become a flight attendant. In real life, Savane was a flight attendant. There is a smile on his face always close by. This could not be just acting.

"A big part of what the film is about is the conception of love; and what does it mean to love someone. And in this case specifically, it is about loving someone selflessly." -Director Ramin Bahrani
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